Golf Bookings
Online Golf Bookings

Golf Bookings

How do I book a round of Golf?

To book please call the Booking Office on +44(0)1534 482787 or email golf@lesmielles.com or Pop into the Golf Shop. Golf can also be booked online at this link. Buggies, clubs and trolleys can also be booked in the same way.

Can I book a round as a visitor?

Les Mielles Golf & Country Club welcomes visitors to our Golf course.

How much does it cost to play Golf?

Please refer to our Green Fees page for more information.

When can I book to play Golf?

All golf bookings are subject to availability on the course. Please contact the Booking Office who will be able to advise which times are available to book. Members should refer to the terms and conditions of their membership for any applicable booking restrictions.

How many people can book to play Golf?

We can accommodate Golf bookings large or small. For large bookings such as Corporate Golf Days, please contact the Admin Office on +44(0)1534 485984 or email enquiry@lesmielles.com

4 people can play Golf in the same tee-off time slot. Slots are available at nine minute intervals throughout daylight hours.

What is the course Dress code?

Please further to the Dress code page for more information.

Do I need a Handicap to play on the Course?

We do not require you to have a handicap to play on the course but you will be expected to have a decent level of golfing ability.

How do I cancel or amend my Golf booking?

Bookings can be cancelled or altered 24 hours in advance by contact the Booking Office on +44(0)1534 482787 (closed at 6pm) or the Ranger +44(0)7797 833817 or by email on golf@lesmielles.com

What do I do if I’m running late for my tee-off time?

If you are running late for a tee-off time, please contact the Course Ranger on +44(0)7797 833817.

What happens if I don’t show up for my Golf booking?

Any member or visitor who reserves a tee time and does not show up and has not cancelled the booking will be held accountable for the lost tee time and will be charged full member green fee rates for the booking. Members failing to pay their no show/cancellation booking charges will have their membership booking privileges suspended until payment is made in full.

What happens in bad weather?

If a golfer(s) chooses to play a 9 hole round of golf then the weather worsens and the golfer(s) decides not to continue, no refund will be given.

If the golfer(s) chooses to play an 18 hole round and comes off the course during or at the end of the front 9 holes, a refund of an 18 hole round less the cost of a 9 hole round will be given.

If the golfer(s) chooses to play an 18 hole round, if the golfer(s) come off the course during the back 9 holes, no refund will be given.

What happens when the course is closed?

When the Course is closed, no person may play on the course and all bookings are cancelled.

It is then up to the individual(s) concerned to re-book their golf slots by emailing golf@lesmielles.com within 24 hours of their original booking, pre-paid monies will be transferred to the new booking.

Alternatively following a cancellation, email refunds in the form of a credit can be placed on a members account.

Online Golf Bookings

This FAQ applies to our online booking system powered by ESP Leisure Ltd that can be access via the Book Now button at lesmielles.com

How do I sign up for online Golf booking?

When you become a member of Les Mielles Golf & Country Club, you should be sent an email with instructions on how to sign up to the online Golf Booking which you need respond to in order to create an account. If you think you haven’t received this email please contact the Admin Office on +44(0)1534 485984 or email enquiry@lesmielles.com 

I’m having trouble logging in, what do I do?

Please contact the Admin Office who will be able to help with account enquires.

How do I book Golf?

Please follow these steps to book your Golf online:

1) Go to 'online booking', select whether you are a 'member' or 'visitor' and click on the 'Make booking' icon
2) Enter your log in details i.e. your username and password.,
3) Click on 'golf'
4) Click on 9 or 18 holes from 1st or 10th tee
5) Select number of players
6) Choose date
7) Choose time
8) Keep a note of your date & time.
9) Complete participant details providing either membership codes or tick the "guest" box and leave membership code blank, then click ‘submit participants’
10) Select buggy or trolley hire if required and click ‘submit’ (*see note below)
11) Screen now shows applicable green fees
12) Enter payment details and click on ‘make payment’ icon
13) Confirmation of your booking will be sent to your email address. Please keep your confirmation email safe as proof of your booking should it be required.

How do I cancel a Golf booking I’ve made online?

Online booking cancellations or alterations can only be made by emailing golf@lesmielles.com. Cancellations made by telephone, fax or in person, cannot be permitted.

All alterations must only be made by the person whose credit/debit card was used to make the booking.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my online Golf booking?

A refund will only be given if the booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the tee-off time and a copy of the booking confirmation email received is forwarded to golf@lesmielles.com

Refunds will be credited to individual members, membership accounts.

Members / guests tee-off time’s booked online, but not fulfilled, will not be entitled to a refund.

How do I book buggies, trolleys or clubs?

After you’ve selected your tee time, you will be asked 3 questions. Select “Y” on the relevant drop-down menu if you wish to book buggies, trolleys or clubs. By default, the booking ststem will allocate one buggy for every 2 players booked.

You can also book buggies, trolleys or clubs separately to your Golf booking using the “Extra Hire” tab in the bookings menu.


What memberships are available?

You can choose from a wide variety of membership types from 1 year and 5 year memberships to Pay & Play and Social/Recreational Memberships. Full details can be found here.

How do I join or renew my membership?

Visit our join page for more information or contact the Admin office on enquiry@lesmielles.com or +44(0)1534 485984.

Can I pay monthly for my membership?

The 7 Day and 5 Day Premier Memberships have a pay monthly opinion via Direct Debit. Payments are made on the 1st of every calendar month for 12 months unless otherwise stated.

Can I change my membership?

If you’d like to change your membership, please contact the Admin Office on 485984 or email enquiry@lesmielles.com

Do I have to pay Green Fees as part of my membership?

7 Day & 5 Day Premier Members are not required to pay Green Fees subject to their terms and conditions. Play & Pay Members will be required to pay Green Fees at a reduced rate. Full details of which can be found here.

Can I bring guests?

Members are entitled to book a four-ball slot, including three Guests. Please note that full payment is required at time of booking.

Reduced greens fees are available for guests. Please go to our green fees page for full details.

Why is Public Liability Insurance included?

Public Liability Insurance is included within all memberships and visitor green-fees. Liability Insurance covers golfers in the event of an incident that causes injury or damage to property. This also covers Members playing on any other Course around the world.

Islands Insurance administer this Insurance Policy and claim forms are available in the Booking Office.

Do I get a membership card?

New members can get a membership card by supplying a passport sized photograph to the Pro Shop or Admin Office. 5 Day and 7 Day Members are entitled to free credit at the Driving Range which will be loaded onto these Membership cards or an alternative Range Card.

Can I use my membership card to buy other items at Les Mielles?

Your Membership card can be used as a charge card. Members must deposit monies in their account to enable this to be activated.

The card can then be used to purchase goods at Les Mielles, Jon’s Golf Shop, Rocco’s Restaurant and the Fun Zone until the deposited funds are used up.

With each purchase, a receipt will be given with the balance on your account.

Any Member wishing to use the ‘charge account’ facility must request this service by contacting the Booking Office.

Do I get any discounts for being a member?

All Pay & Play members receive reduced green fees on every round that they play. We also offer special discounted rates on Tuesdays from 10am – 4pm for members and guests. Prices can be found here.

Members receive a 5% discount on all purchases over £50 made in Jon’s Golf Shop. This discount is also applicable when redeeming gift vouchers but does not apply to prize vouchers.

Can I get any discounts when playing at other Golf courses?

Les Mielles has agreements with two golf courses which allow our members discounted rates. Details of which can be found here.

Do you have a question for us? Email your questions to richard@lesmielles.com, tweet us @lesmiellesgolf or send us a message!