Pace Of Play

This Pace of Play policy has been adopted to ensure players rounds are played at an appropriate Pace of Play to make Golf more enjoyable for everyone, by:

• Ensuring players keep pace with the group ahead;

• Establishing 4 hours as the target time for a 4-player group to complete an 18 hole competition round;

• Introducing, educating and enforcing Ready Golf standards;

• Highlighting timesaving hints;

• Monitoring of play and enforcing Rule 6-7.


Time of Starting

1. Players must arrive at the golf course at least 12/15 minutes prior to their start time.

2. Players must report to the Course Ranger and be ready to play at least 6 Minutes prior to their Start Time!“ (R&A 6.3a)Time of starting

“If a groups start time is 8.00am” then the lead golfer in the group must be on the 1st/10th tee and be teeing off at 8.00am; “Not at 8.01am” (subject to tee being free)

3. As of the 1st January 2019 - Any Player arriving on 1st/10th tee later than their booked Start time will incur a two stroke penalty in Stroke Play and disqualification in Match Play.

(R&A 6-7) Undue Delay; Slow Play


Be Ready to Play

You should be ready to play as soon as it is your turn. While you are waiting, use your time wisely to prepare so that when it is your turn you are ready to play. Here are seven things you can do to make sure you are ready to play:

• Put your glove on and check your yardage.

• Assess the wind strength and direction.

• Decide on the type of shot that you

are going to play.

• Select your club. When it is your turn to play, play promptly. Consider your pre-shot routine; saving even a few seconds will make a difference.

• Decide on the shot and execute it.

• You only need one practice swing.

• You do not need to waggle the club back and forth and round about again and again.



Maximum 9 and 18 Hole Playing Times (R&A 2.6) Time Par

“Time par” is the term given to the length of time allocated to complete each hole, 9 holes or the full round. The time par for each hole is printed on the scorecard to provide a guide for players on whether their group is playing at the required pace of play expectation!


Time Par 9 & 18 Hole Maximum Times: Each hole has been given a “time par”, which are printed on the scorecard, which indicates the maximum completion time based upon par, length, and difficulty of the hole.