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Bungee Trampolines are a real thrill and brilliant fun! Jump higher than you’ve jumped before (over eight metres) in the knowledge that you are safely strapped into your harness. The jump instructor will be closely by your side at all times. Children must be over the age of five years.
Things TO DO when you're on Jumpzone
  • Please hold on to the elastics when jumping.
  • Jump vertically.
  • Push hard off the trampoline.
  • Attempt back and front flips with sufficient height.

Things NOT TO DO when you're on Jumpzone

  • Swing backwards and forwards.
  • Attempt back and front flips without sufficient height.
  • Let go of the elastics.
Health and Safety
Public Liability Insurance of 5million pounds. This can be increased if required. Use of the original, most trusted and up to date equipment, manufactured by Securit Ropes & Packing Ltd in association with Jumpzone. These units are manufactured to the highest quality and have been tested and approved by the most stringent government bodies in the amusement industry worldwide. We meet and often exceed all health and safety executive requirements. This includes the industry recognised ADIPS certification scheme.
A comprehensive and proactive health and safety policy including staff training, code of conduct, extensive equipment monitoring, ongoing and regular safety checks, risk assessments and numerous other factors to keep us on top when it comes to health and safety. Jumpzone is a highly active sport, please do not participate if you have any a bad back, neck or heart problem. Please do not also go on our Jumpzone if you are pregnant, have a broken bone or any physical or medical problems which might be triggered by this activity.
Please take the time to read through our safety rules and regulations:
  • Please ensure that you listen and adhere to all instructions given by the operator.
  • The activities may not be used without the presence of an Operator.
  • CLOTHING: All shoes must be removed and left on the mat provided. Any glasses or loose jewellery must also be removed. 
  • VERBAL ABUSE: Verbal abuse or threats directed at, or by any individual (official, participant, etc.) will subject the offender to immediate ejection from the Activity Centre.
  • SMOKING: It is forbidden to smoke in the vicinity of the Jumpzone.
  • ANIMALS: Animals are not permitted in the vicinity of the Jumpzone.
  • PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES: All Jumpzone users must not be under the influence of any substance that could impair their ability to participate in a safe and orderly manner.
    It is the responsibility of the user to withdraw from the Jumpzone if they are taking medication or are under the influence of alcohol/drugs that may display the effects
    capable of impairing their ability to use the facility safely. If, in the judgment of the Jumpzone Operator, an individual is under the influence of alcohol/drugs that individual
    may be removed from the Activity Centre and will not be permitted to take part in any further activity that day.
  • GOOD HEALTH: It is the responsibility of all participants to be in good health, both physically and mentally, so as to not hinder the safety of themselves or other users.
  • Islide operators reserve the right to remove any person who does not comply with the safety regulations.
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