Giant Inflatable Slide - Not available at the present moment. Up and running at the end of April.

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The giant slide is an impressive 21 feet tall so release your inner child and let yourself go. Children of any age can go on the Giant Slide (younger children must be accompanied by an adult).

Things TO DO on our Giant Inflatable Slide:

  • Take care on the steps leading up the the i-Slide.
  • Please use a mat if you have any exposed skin to avoid friction burns.
  • Remove your shoes, glasses and loose jewellery.
  • Sit up, or lie down, feet first with elbows tucked in, or lie on your tummy, head first, arms tucked in
  • and most importantly, have fun!

Things NOT TO DO on our Giant Inflatable Slide:

  • Please do not climb on the sidewalls or arch of the i-slide.
  • Please do not go near the blower or air tube.
  • Please don't somersault or your arms and legs about.
Please take the time to read through our safety rules and regulations:
  • Please ensure that you listen and adhere to all instructions given by the operator.
  • Please do not climb on the sidewalls or arch of the i-Slide and avoid any contact with the blower or air tube.
  • Take care on the steps leading up to the i-Slide.
  • It is forbidden to somersault on the i-Slide.
  • The activities may not be used without the presence of an Operator.
  • Persons must sit up, or lie down, feet first with elbows tucked in, or lie on front, head first, arms tucked in. Waving of arms and legs is potentially unsafe and may result in friction burns.
  • MATS: Mats are optional but are recommended for younger users and in warm weather to avoid friction burns. Users should ideally be fully clothed, including socks to prevent friction
    burns on exposed skin. The use of mats is strongly recommended if users are wearing T-shirts, shorts, skirts, bare feet etc.
  • CLOTHING: All shoes must be removed and left on the mat provided. Any glasses or loose jewellery must also be removed. 
  • VERBAL ABUSE: Verbal abuse or threats directed at, or by any individual (official, participant, etc.) will subject the offender to immediate ejection from the Activity Centre.
  • SMOKING: It is forbidden to smoke in the vicinity of the i-Slide.
  • ANIMALS: Animals are not permitted in the vicinity of the i-Slide.
  • PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES: All i-Slide users must not be under the influence of any substance that could impair their ability to participate in a safe and orderly manner.
    It is the responsibility of the user to withdraw from the i-Slide if they are taking medication or are under the influence of alcohol/drugs that may display the effects
    capable of impairing their ability to use the facility safely. If, in the judgment of the i-Slide Operator, an individual is under the influence of alcohol/drugs that individual
    may be removed from the Activity Centre and will not be permitted to take part in any further activity that day.
  • SILLY STRING must not be used on or near the slide as it burns the surface of the i-Slide. Any person found using Silly String will be removed from the premises and held responsible
    for any damage caused to the i-Slide.
  • GOOD HEALTH: It is the responsibility of all participants to be in good health, both physically and mentally, so as to not hinder the safety of themselves or other users.
  • Islide operators reserve the right to remove any rider who does not comply with the safety regulations.
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