Playing rules for 'Your Smile Jersey' Golf League
1. The Les Mielles Golf Society League (the League) shall be a matchplay team competition played at Les Mielles Golf & Country Club between Golf Society Teams on dates to be pre-booked by the Management Committee (the Committee).  The teams may be of Gentlemen, Ladies or Mixed and require a minimum registration of 10 players.
2. The Committee shall undertake the administration of the League and where necessary will settle any disputes. The Committee's decision will be final in any such dispute.
3. The Rules of Golf and Local Rules (printed on the Les Mielles Golf & Country Club scorecard) apply at all times.
4. The League shall be composed of as many divisions as the Committee shall determine prior to the start of the season.  No more than 5 teams in any division where possible.
5. The League season shall run from April to August and the format will be singles matchplay (3/4 handicap difference off a 9-hole society playing handicap).  An exact 18-hole society handicap shall be halved and the playing handicap then determined. Where a player holds official and/or more than one society handicap, the lowest handicap must be used for league matches.
6. The Committee will provide a Fixtures List to all societies prior to each season. The first named team shall be the home team for that fixture.
7. An up-to-date Handicap List must be maintained by each Society.  It is the responsibility of each Society to place a list of registered players' handicaps in the folder provided. Failure to do so will result in the immediate application of Penalty 4 and Match Captains must confirm the players' handicaps by signing the Scoresheet where indicated for each match.
8. Each team's green fees will be made in one amount directly to the Golf & Country Club unless otherwise instructed by the Committee.
9. Monies collected from the Team and Individual Subscriptions during the season will be allocated towards the prizes at the end of the League season. The League is non-profit making and all monies collected during the season should be spent.
10. An acceptable standard of dress and etiquette must be maintained at all times and teams should be present at least 10 minutes before the 1st tee time.
11. It is the responsibility of the home team in the Fixtures List to contact the away team to confirm arrangements for each fixture.  If in extenuating circumstances a league fixture has to be rearranged, the team requiring the change must apply to the Committee for sanction, and then inform the Hon. Secretary of the re-arranged match date. Any such match must be played before the end of the divisional matches. A minimum of 7 days notice is required prior to re-arranging any fixture.
12. The maximum handicap for Gentlemen will be 14, and for the Ladies will be 18. The Gentlemen will receive shots, if applicable, on the men's' stroke index and ladies will receive shots, if applicable, on the ladies' stroke index, as printed on the League Scorecards.  The par of the course when playing the League is 36 on the south course and 34 on the north course for both ladies and gentlemen.
13. The Gentlemen shall play from the yellow tees and the Ladies from the blue tees off a society handicap. However a Lady playing off an 18 hole LGU Handicap (red tee) may play off the blue tees with a halved exact LGU handicap less 1 full shot.  Likewise, a Gentleman playing off an 18 hole Official Handicap (white tee) may play off the yellow tees with a halved exact handicap less 1 full shot.
14. In any match the lower handicapper shall tee-off first.
15. All league match results must be recorded on the Result Sheet provided, signed by  both Captains and placed in the folder in the Clubhouse on the day of the fixture. 
16. Each divisional match shall be played over 9 holes and each team will consist of 6 players. The teams will play each other twice on a home and away basis - once on the north course and once on the south course.
17. In the divisional matches the home team shall decide the order of play and the pairings and announce it at least 10 minutes prior to the 1st tee time.
18. All games won and halved in any league match shall count towards the match score.  3 Team Points will be awarded for a win, 1 Team Point for a Draw and 0 Team Points for a loss. Individual match scores will be recorded as before and used to determine a winner if the divisional scores are drawn.
19. The divisional winners will be the team with the most points after all divisional games have been played.  In the event of two or more teams tying at the head of a division the number of points won and lost between the tying teams will decide winners.  If there is still a tie situation then a count back system will be used.  The winner will be determined by the result of the last match played by the two teams.  If still a tie situation, the 6th game result in that last match will be used, followed by the 5th game result, etc. until a winning team is found.  Only whole points will be counted. 
20. At the end of the season a Knock-Out Competition will be run composed of the top two teams from each division plus the best runner(s)-up at the discretion of the Committee (8 teams needed). Neither team shall be deemed to be home or away and each Captain must submit a team list, in playing order, at least 10 minutes before the 1st tee time. Teams for the Knock-Out Competition will be made up from named players who have played in the divisional league during the season.
21. The draw for the Knock-Out rounds shall be made as follows. Similar provisions will be made if there are more than one Divisions.
1st  vs 4th
3rd vs 2nd
22. The quarter finals and semi finals will be played over 9 holes.  In the event of a draw the winner shall be decided by the aggregate scores of the holes won by each team in the match. If the scores are still level, one pre-nominated player will undertake a sudden-death play-off until a results is achieved.  If either Captain decides the light is inadequate the match will cease and the nominated player will return to undertake a sudden-death play-off at a mutually agreeable time.
23. The final will be played over 18 holes.  Exact handicap will be doubled and playing handicaps then determined. In the event of a draw the winner will be determined on aggregate scores and then by play-off as per Rule 22.
1. A society fielding an ineligible player shall be deemed to have lost all games played by that player and any points won will be awarded to the opposing team.
2. A society fielding less than 6 players will be deemed to have lost the games not contested and the points will be awarded to the opposing team.
3. A society failing to field a team for a pre-arranged fixture will be deemed to have lost all 6 game points, and the 3 match points will be awarded to the opposing team.
4. Failure to play off the correct handicap will result in the loss of an individual's match and the team score adjusted accordingly. However, in accordance with R&A Guidelines if a player plays off a lower handicap than his/her entitlement there is no penalty.
1. Registration Fees will be set annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will determine dates for individual and team registrations.
2. The team name and individual player names (minimum of 10 players per team) are to be submitted with relevant subscriptions to the Hon. Secretary by the agreed dates.
3. A player must be a fully paid up member of the society that they are registered to play for.  They can be members of more than one society but can only play for one team in the League.
4. Players may not take part in any League fixture until they are officially registered with the Committee.  Registration Fees must be paid at the time of registering. Additional registrations during the season will not be accepted less than 24 hours prior to any match and no new players will be registered after the last divisional match.
As agreed November 2004
Updated and Amended  November 2006
Rule 7 & Penalty 4 ratified January 2007
Rule 12  ratified January 2007
Rules 22 & 23 ratified January 2007
Rules 5 & 18 ratified November 2008
Rule 5 extended re lowest hcp 2009
Penalty 3 amended to 3 game points and 6 match points 2009
Handicap Difference returned to ¾ 2010
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